RdL imagines and constructs new conceptual juggling equipment. The point, circle and line are represented by the ball, the ring and the club. We are on a quest to find the 4th shape. Along the way we hope to build a community and context of friends, family and freedom.
RdL hopes to bring juggling back to its roots. We do not care about distinctions between art, sport, entertainment, competitions, exhibitions or presentations. Juggling history is being written as we speak and with so many advances in our field it's time to start thinking about not only what we do but what we do it with. It's time to look not only at the moves but at the shapes the moves are done with. As kids we practiced until our hands were bleeding. We got older but we never grew up. We still spend hours each day, alone in a gym, giving objects a tiny breath of life.

RdL is the next logical step in the evolution of juggling.
RdL is juggling for juggling's sake.
RdL is the 4th shape.

Renegade Juggling
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